mystery (plural mysteries)

  1. something secret or unexplainable; unknown
    • The truth behind the events remains a mystery.
  2. with an obscure or puzzling nature
    • That man is a mystery.
  3. a truth that needs divine revelation
    • The story of Jesus Christ remains a religious mystery in many ways.
  4. a particular sequence of events in the life of Christ
  5. a secret society initiation
    • Both John Kerry and George Bush were members of Skull and Bones with a mystery initiation process not yet revealed.

7 letters in word "mystery": E M R S T Y Y.

No anagrams for mystery found in this word list.

Words found within mystery:

em ems emys er ers erst es est et eyry me mes met mets my re rem rems res rest resty ret rets rye ryes ser set sey st stem stey sty stye styme stymy styre sye te tems term terms tes tres trey treys try trye tye tyer tyers tyes tyre tyres ye yer yes yest yesty yet